Wildara Lithium Pegmatite Project 

Boadicea Resources Ltd has acquired an exciting new lithium pegmatite exploration project, the Wildara Project (E36/873), located 30km southwest of Leinster in the northeastern goldfields district of Western Australia.

The project covers an area of 60km2 and was acquired on the basis of highly anomalous lithium results from a Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA) regional scale bore water geochemical sampling program. MRIWA is a WA government mineral research body that operates in parallel with the DMIRS.

The MRIWA survey comprised the sampling of 3,120 water bores across the northern Yilgarn Craton, five of which are located within the project area. All 5 bores returned elevated lithium results with a peak result of 1,140 micrograms of lithium per litre of water (ug/L). This result is considered highly anomalous as only 8 other bores in the entire survey returned lithium results above 680ug/L.

The basis of the project acquisition is that the lithium anomalous bore water is possibly reflecting proximal lithium bearing pegmatites in the area. While no pegmatites have previously been reported within the project, the area has little to no outcrop due to shallow laterite and aeolian sand cover. Geophysics and minor historic gold and nickel exploration drilling confirms a favourable lithium pegmatite setting with mafic and ultramafic greenstones being intruded by at least two granitoid events.

BOA intends to commence an exploration program comprising geological logging and sampling historic gold and nickel exploration drill holes within the lithium anomalous area within the March 2018 quarter. 

 Wildara Lithium Project - Location & Lithium Results For MRIWA Water Bore Sampling (Results in ug/L) Over GSWA Aeromagnetics